In the insurance world of billing (or getting the doctors paid), it was a known fact that cosmetic procedures are uncovered because they are not medically necessary. The insurance world will usually only pay a claim, if the procedure code is needed to treat the diagnosis. If this is an elective, or optional, treatment the claim will get denied and then it is up to the patient to pay out of pocket. Most of the time insurance collectors and billers do not even bill out for cosmetic claims because they assume they will be denied. But not anymore – nowadays there are several procedures that fall under the cosmetic umbrella, but they are covered by insurances. Below we have listed 12 plastic surgery procedures that are in fact covered by insurance companies.

Number 1. Nose job

Wanting a new nose can be expensive… unless you cannot breath. If you cannot breathe out of your nose then rhinoplasty may be medically necessary. This cosmetic procedure may be used to rectify or repair breathing issues that are caused by the structure of your nose.

Number 2. Ears

Your ears never stop growing. If you want to make your ears more proportioned with your body then you may be covered for otoplasty.

Number 3. Eyes

Your eyes may have damage from the sun exposure or maybe you’re genetically prone to have eye wrinkles. Either way, you may be covered by your insurance to have this corrected. This is called an eye-lid lift and it can be performed on the top eyelid or the bottom eyelid.

Number 4. Beauty Marks

We have all heard of these beauty marks that are really nothing more than pre moles. They are very common and they are also very easy to remove and they are covered by insurances because they can be labeled “suspicious”. These Suspicious moles are covered because they could grow or shrink and they may become cancerous.

Number 5. Breast Implants

Many woman are faced with Mastectomies and they need there breast to be rebuilt after that. This would be covered under these conditions because it is considered reconstructive.

Number 6. Breast reduction

If you have back issues then you may be able to get your breast reduced. Breast can cause extreme back pain and other complications.

Number 7. Male Breast Reduction

Men can get there breast reduced as well. About 50 % of Men will experience enlarged breast in their lifetime. They can cause men to experience pain, infections and even rashes.

Number 8. Extra Skin

Many people suffering from obesity find it very difficult to lose weight and have the weight stay off. But this poses another issue when they finally are able to keep the weight off and that issue is extra skin. When you lose a lot of calories quickly it can cause excess skin and this is a covered benefit.

Number 9. Tummy Tuck

If your stomach needs to be reconstructed due to your needed boob job, this can be a covered expense as well.

Number 10. But Lifts

If you need a mastectomy your surgeon has the option to use some tissue from your butt. This gives your buttocks a lift and helps your breast at the same time.

Number 11. Bunions

Bunions are very painful and can distort the way you walk. For this reason Insurance companies are making them a covered benefit. You can get a bunionectomy if it is causing you pain or affecting the way you walk.

Number 12. Varicose Veins

You may have a condition called venous insufficiency which makes it medically necessary to remove.