Over the past decade plastic surgery procedures have become more popular and less invasive. There is a scary trend surfacing the web that shows demonstrations of people injecting themselves in the face with only God knows what. These videos are alarming and dangerous and the possibility of disfigurement is very real. They make it look so easy online but in reality people go to school for years and years to learn how to properly administer Botox fillers and other plastic surgery procedures. If there were any chance that it was as easy as poking yourself in the face… everybody would be doing it. Instead it is a billion dollar industry and people study for decades to learn how to properly administer Botox Fillers.

One Famous Example

A report done by KSAT ABC 12 on September 15, 2017 said a woman named Ivanhoe Newswire in Miami Florida was horribly bruised and almost went blind due to some faulty fake injections. She did not know what was injected into her face and it cause severe swelling and bruising. It took her years to recover and she could have had permanent disfigurement. She was one of the lucky ones. You can go to ksat.com to read more about her story. She hopes her story will warn and inspire others to seek a certified cosmetic surgeon who is board certified.

Better Pay Than Getting Bruised

In conclusion Plastic surgery can be very expensive. More than 15 Billion dollars were spent last year alone on cosmetic procedures. Even though this can be very pricey, you definitely get what you pay for. It is not always wise to cut corners especially when you have to live with the results forever. There are no do overs in the world of cosmetic surgery, so make sure you do your research and get it done professionally. Your health could is worth the research and money. Cosmetic surgery has been known to have many benefits from enhancing your confidence to restoration, but it can also do the complete opposite. This can be the best or worst decision of your life so make sure you make time to make it.