Some people have a real fear of the recovery from facial plastic surgery. But you do not have to worry about your recovery if you take the proper precautions like making sure you run all your errands before your surgery. You will need ice packs so make sure you stock up on ice for the swelling and any other needed material mentioned in your post op directions. You also want to make sure your body is hydrated enough to have surgery. Drinking plenty of water helps with the healing process as well. Also they say you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which are packed with vitamin C and help with the bruising. By making sure you have everything you need before the surgery it lets your mind be at ease and just focus on recovering.

You will want to rest a lot after your facial surgery.

So make sure you have a friend or somebody in your family who can come by and help out with the dishes or the kids. You need to make prior arrangements if you would normally do pick-ups and drop offs for school runs. Keep in mind that you will want to stay inside while you are recovering. And getting plenty of rest will help with your recovery so do not try to do too much too fast. You will need to give your body time to heal. You should wait at least two weeks to do any heavy lifting or anything that will raise your blood pressure. Remember that you recover on your own time so do not feel rushed to heal. Take your time and let your body heal naturally. Do not force the feeling, and listen to your own body. You will feel when you need to rest. And even though you are resting a lot do not forget to eat and eat healthy. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because your body needs these vitamins to thrive.

Last but not least you want to make sure you keep all of your post opp appointments.

You also want to pick up any and all medications the surgeon prescribes for you. Missing them could lead to other complications. Your surgeon should see you once or twice within the first week after the procedure. These post opps will be healed in the surgeons’ office. These appointments are also great for reassuring that you are healing correctly and the doctor will examine your healing prices thou rally.

In conclusion if you follow these directions your recovery should be quick and smooth sailing. You want to be prepared before your facial plastic surgery procedure by making sure you run all errands necessary for a smooth recovery. You also want to make sure you maintain a healthy diet throughout the process. This will be a great investment so make sure that you prepare to have a great recovery. It could be great and wonderful confident boosting experience or it could be a painfully slow one. The choice is on your hands so make it count.