A Licensed cosmetic surgeon can perform facial rejuvenation on you to restore your youthful appearance to your facial features. They do this by giving your face a lift and this procedure just celebrated its 100 year old birthday. For a century this face lift procedure has been being performed all over the nation.
The first face lift was done by a man named Lexer. He did this by lifting up the sagging skin from the underlining fat, pushing it back and re draping it before removing the extra fat. This technique remained the same up until the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The Cutaneous period

The Cutaneous Period is what they called the first 70 years face lifts were performed. During this era the procedure was performed at the most surface level of the skin. They would pull the skin as stretched as it could be and cut off the extra skin. During the Second World War theses surgeons became experts at reconstructing the soldiers’ faces.
In the 50’s and 60’s the surgeons began focusing on these procedures as a field of their own. By the 1980’s this sector was perfected. And from the 90’s up until now the procedure is now in the Volumetric Period.

The Volumetric Period

This period includes all the new technology and minimally invasive techniques they use now. With 3D Imaging and computer aided drafting we have never seen such marvelous results in the cosmetic world. This procedure has been around for 100 years and it is not going anywhere because it is proven to work and it is only advancing its technologies for our future. This is the history of Facial rejuvenation.