How to Improve the Appearance of Bags under Your Eyes

Bags under the eyes or as it’s medically known infraorbital edema is an issue that millions of people deal with especially as they get older. Some other issues that could bring on this condition are allergies, fatigue, prolong exposure to the sun and eczema. As for why these under eye bags form it has to do with several different factors, such as fat redistributing the area, the excess fluid being formed there, weaken eye muscle and pigmentation issues. So, what can be done when under eye bags show up? Well, the first thing to do is determine if there is another issue such as itching and redness in the area as well, this could be a sign of an allergic reaction and a doctor should be consulted. For the majority of us, though this won’t be the case though and there are some steps, we can take to help diminish the appearance of bags under our eyes.

Home Remedies

Some of the best remedies to help take care of bags under the eyes are located right in our home. One remedy is placing lukewarm wet tea bags on the eyes; make sure this is regular caffeinated tea, not decaf or herbal. The tea bag will help to increase the blood flow to the skin which helps to alleviate the signs of under eye bags. Another treatment is a cool wet compress placed over the eyes not only is this one soothing but it will help improve bags under the eyes and even dark circles. Drink plenty of water, more than half of our bodies are made up of water and it’s important to replenish our body can actually help to improve the look of our complexion. Get plenty of sleep there is some truth to that old saying get your beauty sleep, to help to eliminate bag under eye individuals should try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, another tip is to sleep elevated to help eliminate fluid buildup around the area around the eye.

Creams, Lotions and Cosmetic Treatments

All the natural remedies above won’t take care of under eye bags completely and some of us may want something that will do just that. Well, there are always over the counter treatments to explore. Two tips that can be explored as prevention against under eye bags before they develop is using a quality sunscreen to prevent the damage or UV rays and for women to always remove your makeup properly before bedtime. As for the retinol cream products that are out there, these can be added to a skincare routine and have a proven track record of helping not only skin problems such as acne but also signs of ageing such as under eye bags. For those who want to explore something a little more evasive to do away with this problem, there are cosmetic procedures as well. Plastic surgeons offer such treatments as filler injection, laser pills and even under eye surgery. Depending on the patient’s skin type and other factors the surgeon will decide during their initial consultation which treatment is best for them. The bottom line under eye bags is something millions of us deal with during the course of our lives but it is something that can be treated in different ways, and how we choose to do so is up to us.