So you finally decided to lift your drooping brow and reduce the wrinkles in your forehead. You schedule your appointment for Botox injections and prepare to be dazzled by the results. But what if the results do not dazzle you? What if the results bear no fruit? Meaning…nothing happens at all. Unfortunately, this could be a harsh reality in the Botox world because you can actually receive fake injections. Counterfeit Botox Fillers are rare but they do happen. Other countries illegally import these Botox injections and you should know what to look for to avoid this horrific scenario. According to, an article written by Sarah Kinonen on September 18th, 2017, says according to plastic surgeons there are several ways to tell if your Botox Injections are counterfeit.

Looking for Good Proofs

One way that never fails is to ask to see the actual box that the Botox Filler came in. If you see a hologram then the packaging is legit. This is not duplicated, and it is a signature of authentic Botox Filler. Make sure you always see the packaging it came in.

Also, if the Botox Filler is really cheap, there may be a good reason. You know what they say… you get what you pay for. Always ask why it is marked down so low and do your research. If the product is super inexpensive there must be a good reason that makes sense.

Another great way to tell if your Botox Fillers are counterfeit is to be aware of is to be aware of how you are feeling and the symptoms you are getting. Chances are, if you are experiencing a lot of pain and swelling during treatment, or your face stays red, you should be treated or seen by a physician immediately. Especially, if your vision is affected.

Take Your Records and Seek Treatment Elsewhere

If you go back to the doctor who gave you the Botox Fillers for a post-treatment examination and you’re still not happy with your results or his answers do not be intimidated to ask for your medical records or your chart. You can take your records and seek treatment elsewhere from another doctor.

The last thing I want to mention is how important it is to make an appointment with a board certified professional. This is probably the most important thing to do in the very beginning of your search for a treatment facility. Make sure the Doctor is certified and has good reviews. This makes a world of difference because a certified doctor could never use fake injections.

In conclusion

In conclusion make sure you do your research and make sure that you know what you are getting before you schedule. Know your doctor, know what packaging the Botox comes in and please remember to watch your recovery. And be aware of the way you feel while the procedure is getting done. With all these precautions you will be on your way to flawless results.