HydraFacial® – The Secret of the New Trend

There was a time when the way to turn back the signs of ageing was through Botox injections. Then other types of fill-in treatments such as Juvederm and Bellafill became trend. Along with these, there was the evasive treatment of doing a skin peel where individuals would actually have the top layer of their skin removed. But now comes a new revolutionary treatment that is less evasive then all of these and is taking Hollywood along with other areas of the United States by storm, that is a HydraFacial®. In fact, every day about every 15 seconds someone is having this new type of facial done but what exactly is a HydraFacial® and how does it rival these treatments to become to new skin care trend?

Details on the HydraFacial®

For those of you who haven’t heard of this new craze in beauty treatments let’s go into exactly what a HydraFacial® is. First of all, it’s important to point out this is a skin care treatment that combines all the elements essential to a healthy radiant complexion. The thing that makes the HydraFacial® stand out though is all of these components are achieved using a revolutionary patented machine that takes each individual through a five-step process each of which includes using a different tool for optimal results. For example, LED therapy is used to rejuvenate the skin cells bring about more natural collagen to the skin which helps to reduce the signs of wrinkles. There is also a vacuum tool that is used to remove debris from the pores and stimulate oxygen to the skin cells kind of like a facial massage. These are just two of the tool used in the facial that takes around a half hour to complete and is totally painless; in fact, some say it is even relaxing to have done.

Is the HydraFacial® for Everyone?

There is no denying that celebrities such as Kate Winslet highly recommend the HydraFacial® but is this a procedure for all of us? The great thing about this facial is that it is not-evasive which means it is for all skin types and no need to worry about a recovery period afterward but there are a few things to keep in mind about it. The first of which is one treatment will last about a week maybe a bit longer. These facials can run about $45 in price and for some of us, that may seem like a huge expense to keep putting out to have more than once facial a month. However, when we stop to consider the cost of injections and cosmetic surgery we now can see why this easier way to gain a youthful healthy complexion is catching on and could be the wave of the future.