Plastic Surgery: 10 Secret Signs

Plastic surgery is an evasive procedure that women and men have used for decades to improve their overall appearance or to correct a problem such as scarring. Whatever the reason is that includes stuff such as a facelift, tummy tuck, nose job and boob job; it is a popular way to improve one’s appearance. But the question pending is, will it always be obvious to know that someone did have plastic surgery and what are some secret signs to figure it out without actually asking them right out, well here are ten ways to do so.

3 Extreme Fill-ins to Look For

Fill-ins such a Botox are cosmetic procedure that many looks to help diminish the signs of wrinkles but there can be drawbacks to these. One prime example is frozen face that is something most individuals deal with right after having such injections and area definite indicator such injections were done. Another example is raised eyebrow area that doesn’t look natural and could make a person look angry or surprised. Then there is plumper cheeks or lips look fuller. Yes, fill-ins are supposed to be a way to naturally enhance the face but there are indicators such as the three above that tell us that such form of plastic surgery has been done.

Nose Up in the Air and Smoother Neck

Here are two more examples of being able to tell a person had plastic surgery. If someone goes from having a somewhat larger or even a bit crooked nose to a small printed one that appears to be more up then before odd are that person had a nose job or as it is called medically a rhinoplasty. Then there is the turkey neck that plagues many of us to older we get. If someone goes from having the wrinkly flabby neck to suddenly having one that is smooth and youthful looking, yeah they had plastic surgery done.

3 Ways It’s In the Ears

For those who wonder if a woman had a facelift, the ideal way to find out is around the ear area. The first way the ears tell the story is in the fact that when the surgery is done there will always be scarring around the hairline and ear area. The scars are usually located in the front of the ear, and may not always be too noticeable to the human eyes. So, one way toes them whisper in a person’s ear or compliment on their earrings to get in a bit closer to have more of a look to see the small scars. The last two ways are a bit more obvious and the first one is a wrinkle in the earlobe that could develop if the surgeon detaches the ear during the procedure. The last is known as pixie ear where over time the ear start appear to be droop, often the result of the skin being pulled too tight during the surgery.

2 Ways Implants Are Overdone

Implants are a great thing to have done to enhance a certain area such as the chin, the buttocks and the chest. But there can be something such as too much of a good thing. When that happens it becomes apparent that a woman had implants done. There are two prime examples of when such plastic surgery is noticeable the first one is when they go from having hardly any chin at all to a large pronounce one. Then there is the biggest implant mistake of them all pardons the pun, too large a boob job. When a woman goes from having a perky bosom to one that seems bigger than her waist odds are she had boob job done.

Those are ten ways to tell that someone had plastic surgery other than just coming out and asking them.