A Rhinoplasty is very common these days and can even be covered by some insurance. This nose job procedure is minimally invasive with the right post op care. By choosing the right doctor you will feel empowered and most satisfied with your results. You can ensure satisfaction by making sure you see signs of a successful rhinoplasty. I have listed some signs you should see after your procedure below.


Your nose should be absolutely symmetrical in every way. This facial quality of having a symmetrical nose actually speaks volumes. For centuries they have been using physical symmetry as a proof that you have good quality genetics and even resistance to disease.


You should be able to breathe 100 percent normal when you receive a nose job. The function of your nose is more important than the appearance so if you cannot breathe all the way this is definitely a red flag.

No Scars

You should not walk away scared and less confident than you did before your nose job. Any scars that you can see would be considered an epic fail.

No Need for Revision

If you feel like you need another nose job to fix the nose job you just had… epic fail. Some people have reported having a skeleton nose after surgery or even a collapsed or pinched nose. All of them look like they need to be fixed.

Natural Look

You want your new nose to look natural when you are done, like you got this nose from your mama. You do not want the tip to appear pinched, or the front of the nose to look like a pencil.

Facial Harmony

If your nose is blocking the beauty of your eyes then you have a problem. You do not want your new nose to draw unwanted attention because it is such a drastic change and it messes with the harmony of to your face. You should only change your nose slightly.

Patient Satisfaction

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you feel like you are rocking your new nose then that is all that really matters. You can have all the best surgeons in the world but the real question is what you want and like. The right surgeon is going to work closely with you to create a customized nose that you adore and feel amazing about. It will boost your confidence tenfold. Dr. William J Binder is an outstanding surgeon with tons of knowledge and you can schedule a consultation with him today. So what are you waiting for? Make the call that makes the difference. You will so happy you did!