Tips for Your Daily Skin Care

At a young age, we are taught the importance of washing our face along with the rest of our body. However, as we reach puberty we discover that our skincare needs will change. Suddenly we deal with issues such as acne. As we get older, especially women we deal with other issues such as menopause which causes other changes in our complexion. Maybe we have also learned what type of skin we have whether it is dry, oily or combination skin and know that each of these has their own skincare regime in which to follow. So, we have been instructed on how to take care of our skin properly. Just one problem in busy day to day life is that nobody has the time to cleanse their skin morning, noon and night as some instruct us to do. Well, maybe morning is possible to do a basic skin care regimen while getting ready for the day ahead and for women before putting on their make up if they have the time. Forget afternoon, for the average individual is not going to happen, especially if we are working, attending school or just dealing with the challenges of the day ahead. So, the most important of all is night and we will go more into this on later. In the meantime let’s go into some simple tips for skincare that is manageable for all of us.

Stay Hydrated and Protect Yourself from UV Rays

Replenishing the body by drinking plenty of water is not only essential to good health but also good skincare. Our complexion and our skin are a direct indicator of what we put in our bodies, so drinking plenty of water along with a healthy balanced diet will help keep the skin hydrated. Another thing is to believe it or not sweat can actually help the complexion as well since it helps to bring moisture to the pours, so a good exercise routine will help. Then there is the sun we wear sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn, but the sun’s UV rays are even more damaging to the skin by causing premature ageing. So, good advice is to always apply sunscreen before applying your make up, including to the eye area and the lips. Even on a cloudy day, this is a key factor in the skincare regimen.

Properly Cleanse Before Daytime

This is probably the most important cleansing of the day. The first step is to remove all makeup completely. Toners that are appropriate for your particular skin type will be helpful in doing just that. After using makeup remover just use a toner to get what residue is left behind, and will also help remove dirt from pores Once this is done a quality cleanser can be used to wash the face further. Finish the skincare process by using moisturizer. As for exfoliating the skin, this can be done on a monthly basis. One other tip that many women now swear by as part of the skincare regimen, is using sparkling water. Turns out these carbonated bubbles actually helps to stimulate the flow of blood to the skin which causes a healthier radiant glow over time. Remember, our complexion is important to us learning to take proper care of it and to follow a good skin care routine, no matter what that routine maybe.