Getting a face lift has given woman a more youthful appearance all over the word for years. And the trend is not stopping because according to the study done in 2016 by Medical News Today, over 100,000 woman and 13,000 men had surgery from a facelift. The facelift process is not going anywhere. This is a minimally invasive easy process and can be done with local anesthetics or even general. A face lift usually takes about 2 – 5 hours and you will not be required to stay afterwards. You will be able to go straight home as long as no complications occur.

So you may be asking yourself, how does this procedure make you look younger? Well when a person ages the skin naturally starts to sag and droop so lifting it can make you look drastically younger. And the way they lift the skin ensures optimal results. The surgeon actually begins the procedure by cutting close to your ears and up around the hairline. This ensures for a natural tighter pull lifts the skin from a deeper tissue of the neck. It maximizes your natural youthful appearance by getting rid of extra skin.

What do the Surgeons Screen For?

They screen for Blood Pressure, Blood Clotting, medications, cigarette smoking, drug use, allergies, scarring, skin conditions and more. Your surgeon of choice will advise you and discus anything that the surgery involves. They will go over ever step with you from start to finish.
There are now new advanced technologies that have recently developed a surgical technique that does not involve a knife. Instead it uses a laser to do a neck lift procedure that improves cosmetic procedures. A lot of people say that this new innovative procedure makes recovery easier and much faster.

In conclusion, a face lift can make you appear years younger. It can address some of the most prominent signs of aging. Face Lift surgery will give you the confidence about your appearance and make a huge difference in the quality of your life. You cannot put a price on your self-esteem and own personal satisfaction. Location has a lot to do with pricing and therefore varies. But according to a national study done by the American Society of Plastic Surgery the average cost for a face life is $7,048.