What Is a Vampire Facial?

It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, but exactly what is the vampire facial, does it work and why do women want to have this unusual procedure done? Well, to start with this cosmetic procedure is actually called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy where blood plasma is actually placed on and inside a woman’s face in various areas using tiny acupuncture needles. But blood from what could be the question some are asking right about now and is anything done to this blood to purify it before it goes on the skin? Well, before going into the entire process it’s important to point out that the blood that is used in the unusual beauty procedure is that of the actual individual having the facial done. That’s right before have a facial a person will have blood drawn where two vials are taken.

Processing the Blood and the Procedure

Drawing the blood is just the first step in preparing the blood for the facial itself. The next step is to take the vials of blood and separate the vitamin enrich plasma platelets using a specialized machine to make their rejuvenating benefits more potent. Once the process is done the plasma is then placed in a syringe that has a small acupuncture needle on it. The individuals face is numb to make the procedure painless then the plasma is injected into various spots of the skin. As for side effects of having such a treatment, the skin will look blood red in certain spots at first and perhaps some bruising around the eyes. There could be itching as well as the skin starts to heal from the procedure but most of these side effects will subside in a few days.

Benefits of Vampire Facial and Cost

The vampire facial is effective in helping nourish the skin by using a component that has been proven to help the body heal itself naturally its own platelets. So, the body’s own healing component is being used inside this treatment. In using the treatment individuals have noticed an improvement in tightening of pours, reduction of fine lines, and a more radiant glow to the skin. But just how much does the vampire facial cost? It can run around a $1000 dollars per treatment which may seem a bit excessive in cost for those of us who don’t have the sort of money. However, considering the leading alternative is going under the knife for plastic surgery it becomes clearer as to why the vampire facial has a place as another possible cosmetic procedure to consider first.