According to statistics done by a recent study with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, most of the people getting these procedures are between the ages of 35 and 50 years old since 1997. Of course, those are not the only people getting surgery because people older than 50 and younger than 35 schedule facial surgeries all the time. And the average of surgeries done by that age range has dropped from 2014 – 2017. Here are some of the things a person should consider when considering age as a factor in making the decision to have plastic surgery.

Is this person mature?

In some cases age is no more than a number because a young 18 year old may be more mature in her thinking then a 25 year old depending on her life experiences. You have to make sure you are emotionally mature as well as intellectually mature to handle everything that goes along with the psychological effects of changing your appearance. You have to be clear as to why you are doing it. And you must have realistic expectations. You need to be able to understand the weight of your decision to change and alter your physical appearance. If the person is immature they may want cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons. An 80 year old patient that wants to look 30 again also may seem to be unrealistic in their expectations.

Another gigantic factor to consider would be if the candidate was healthy.

Are you an overall healthy person with a healthy lifestyle? For this reason alone there is justification to say that a patient is too young or too old. Before surgery you will be asked to do a physical screening which will include an ECG.

In conclusion you can find the age of people who get plastic surgery is forever fluctuating. You have to take into consideration the maturity of the patient. And you also have to take into consideration what their expectations are. There were 229,000 people between the ages of 13 – 17 who received cosmetic surgery in the year 2016. And this number is constantly growing. It is up to that individual to decide if they are ready to make life changing decision that is final.